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What is a STEM club?

Although they complement the curriculum, they are not designed to be about writing, tests, or exams. Activities may involve practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection. Most of all, they should be fun.

They can motivate and build confidence in young people who struggle with STEM subjects, and provide an extra outlet for children who already show aptitude and are interested in furthering their learning.

The aims of STEM clubs are:

  • to enrich, enhance and extend the secondary school curriculum
  • improve attainment in, interactions with, and experiences of, the STEM subjects among pupils
  • improve collaboration between schools and also between schools and industry
  • encourage pupils to continue their education in STEM beyond GCSE and Diploma (or equivalent qualification) level

It is the Government’s ambition to establish a STEM Club in every school or college in the country and STEMNET is managing this project, with a number of partners.