STEM Ambassadors

If you are a STEM Ambassador, or thinking of becoming a STEM Ambassador, and want to get involved in a STEM Club then read on.

Being involved in a STEM Club can be an excellent way to work with schools. They tend to be informal, sometimes with small groups, and have enthusiastic students who want to participate.

Many STEM Club leaders appreciate the involvement of STEM Ambassadors in their activities as they bring a fresh perspective to both themselves and their students.


You can get involved in a range of ways, you may want to:

Help deliver a one-off activity with support of the club leader, such as a kit based activity, or STEM fair.

  • Tell the club members about your role, showing them what you do for a job
  • Be a judge for a competition
  • Develop or bring your own activity for the club members to try
  • Become a regular visitor to the club, helping out regularly with activities or providing mentoring support

Talk through with the club leader in advance about your motivations and what your level of commitment is so that they understand how you can best contribute. You may not be able to come in once a week, but once every term. However you want to get involved, club members will be keen to talk to you about your background and your work so be prepared to tell them about what you do.

You may want to become involved in a STEM Club for a range of reasons, such as:

  • An opportunity to influence the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians
  • The chance to work with young people and teachers who are enthusiastic about STEM
  • Gain experience of working with schools
  • Personal development of transferable skills
  • Pass on your skills and experience to young people
  • Make a contribution to your community
  • Develop your own activities
  • To have fun!

No matter what your motivations are, as a STEM Ambassador you can really add value to a STEM Club. You can bring your expertise and real life experience to the club and contribute to the activities going on.

Working directly with young people can be invigorating. They can help you see things from a new angle, and it enables you to contribute your skills and experience supporting them in the STEM that they will come across in their lives.

Give it a go

Find out more about the STEM Ambassadors Programme, including how to register, at the STEM Ambassadors website.

If you are a STEM Ambassador interested in becoming involved in a STEM Club then the first port of call is your regional STEMNET Contract Holder who will be able to put you in touch with a STEM Club. Once you have a contact talk to the club leader about the club and the type of activities they do and you can see how you can get involved. Your Contract Holder will be able to support you in going into a club with training and advice. We also have some practical and presentation tips online to help you prepare for going into STEM Clubs.

If you would like to present your own activities with a STEM Club and need some inspiration, then have a look at our STEMNET Database which contains a database of activities delivered by STEM Ambassadors.

You can also speak to your local Contract Holder about Powerful Practicals training which is a workshop designed to help STEM Ambassadors create short, practical activities to use as part of their activities. These two hour training sessions see Ambassadors arrive with ideas and leave with a fully-fledged activity. You can also download the Powerful Practicals toolkit.

STEMNET creates links between employers with educators to tackle the STEM skills shortage. If you are an employer, find out how else you can get involved in a programme.

If you are a club leader you can request a STEM Ambassador to come to your club.

The STEM Clubs Programme STEM Ambassador’s factsheet is available in a printable PDF