STEM Clubs Week 2015

We are delighted to announce the winners of the STEM Clubs Week 2015 competition.

02-06 February 2015 was the inaugural STEM Clubs Week. Almost 100 activities took place in STEM Clubs across the UK on the theme of ‘celebrating diversity’.

STEM Clubs Week was designed as an opportunity to STEM Clubs to showcase their activities, demonstrating the enthusiasm of the teachers and students who are involved in STEM Clubs every week across the UK.

As part of STEM Clubs Week, we also ran a competition to encourage innovation in the activities the STEM Clubs took part in. Each winner will receive £200 in Mindsets vouchers. The entries were all very high quality, and demonstrated the hard work that students put into their STEM Clubs activities.

STEM Clubs Week 2016 will run from 01-05 February 2016. More information will be made available later in the 2015 summer term.

The winners of the STEM Clubs Week competition are:

Most unusual science communication project – Redmoor Academy

Most unusual location – The Ravensbourne School

Best cross-curricular STEM Clubs Week activity Evelyn Grace Academy

STEM Clubs Week activity involving the most people  – Flegg High

STEM Clubs Week activity involving the most diverse age range  – Aylward Academy

Special prize for cross-school activity  – Penwortham Priory, Tapton School and Framwellgate School

STEM Clubs Week 2015

We launched the inaugural STEM Clubs Week Monday 02 – Friday 06 February 2015.

STEM Clubs Week celebrated all the amazing work that STEM Clubs do. We were really excited to showcase STEM Clubs demonstrating the dedication and enthusiasm of the teachers and students in running STEM Clubs.

STEM Clubs Week is for all secondary schools throughout the UK. Schools with an existing STEM Club will ideally meet as normal and take part in a national celebration of STEM Clubs. For those schools that don’t currently have a STEM Club, then it is an ideal opportunity to set one up and get started with support from STEMNET to create a successful STEM Club that will develop skills as well as provide a sense of achievement for both you and your students.

The theme for STEM Clubs Week was Celebrating Diversity. We wanted to share the different types of clubs and activities happening in schools. STEM Clubs could create their own activities within the theme or access suggested resources at the bottom of this page. Photos and videos sent to us were included in our STEM Clubs Week gallery for your STEM Club to showcase its hard work.

How to get involved in STEM Clubs week

Teachers – Plan your STEM Clubs Week activity and let us know what you’re up to during the week and enter our competition. Tweet about your activity at #STEMClubsweek. If you’d like advice for your existing STEM Club or you’d like to set up a new club get in touch with your local STEMNET Contract Holder for advice and guidance. If you’d like to request a STEM Ambassador you can do this here.

STEM Ambassadors – If you’d like to get involved in STEM Clubs Week to support or deliver a hands on activity at your local STEM Club please contact your Contract Holder for more information. Feel free to retweet your local school’s activities #STEMClubsWeek. Remember no commitment is too large or too small, your input as a role model will inspire and engage teachers and students not only in your local community, but also nationally as your activities will be promoted to encourage more schools to set up STEM Clubs.

STEM Clubs Week 2015 Resources

All classroom resources can be downloaded, free of charge, at the links below.

Science – Developed by us and sponsored by AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust there are 5 science resources to choose from.

Technology –  Together with TCS we created technology resources based on super villains

Engineering – In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering the Engineering Engagement resources are a great option for STEM Clubs Week 2015.

Maths – Our Real Life Maths resources are a great starting point. You can also access interactive case studies of each of the STEM Ambassadors featured at