As well as bringing benefits to the students and wider school, a STEM Club can be incredibly rewarding for club leaders.

Club leaders have reported a range of benefits from being involved in a STEM Club, such as:

  • Enjoyment and satisfaction, in particular from the students’ engagement and enjoyment of activities, and the flexibility and freedom of being able to undertake activities they would not be able to do in class
  • Enhanced subject knowledge and ideas, gained from the activities and projects run within Clubs, and from working with other STEM teachers. This enhanced knowledge and ideas can be taken back into STEM lessons to enhance delivery
  • Professional and career development, such as the opportunity to take on additional responsibility or develop leadership skills
  • Improved links and integrated working between STEM departments, encouraging departments to work closely together to organise and run their club

If you are interested in becoming a STEM Club leader then there is tailored support out there for you.

STEMNET Contract Holders

Your local STEMNET Contract Holder will be able to offer you personalised support in establishing and running your club. They also act as a hub for the local community of STEM Clubs, enabling you to share expertise, equipment and resources. Being part of this community can be incredibly rewarding, strengthening links with other schools in your area.

Find your local STEMNET Contract Holder and join your local community of STEM Clubs.

STEM Clubs leader CPD

There is no single successful model for STEM Club leadership, it will depend on you and your school, but you can follow a STEM Club leader CPD toolkit which will help you think through and organise your ideas to produce a STEM Club action plan.

The course aims to help potential and existing STEM Club leaders consider different aspects of setting up and running a club. It can be used in conjunction with the step by step and video guides to give you ideas and inspiration.

STEM Leader Qualification

A more formal qualification available for STEM Club leaders is the STEM Leader Qualification (SLQ), awarded by Edexcel. It is designed to provide excellent generic opportunities to develop learners’ leadership skills and allow the integration of STEM skills into the WorkSkills suite of BTEC qualifications.

The units develop, test and challenge learners’ leadership capabilities through practical, engaging and inspiring self-driven opportunities.

The STEM Clubs Programme teacher’s factsheet is available in a printable PDF