Video Guides

We have put together these video guides to help you in all aspects of running a STEM Club. The videos are divided into chapters and you can watch through each chapter in turn, or pick and choose relevant videos from each chapter.

Chapter 1. Setting up a club

What you would need to consider when setting up your club, and the range of different ways that you can approach it.

Chapter 2. Identity and impact

How to create your club identity, extend the impact of your club, and working with other schools and your local community.

Chapter 3. Reaping rewards

Impact of clubs on achievement, opportunities for staff CPD, and the awards and competitions open to clubs.

Chapter 4. Involving others

How students can be involved in STEM Clubs, and how clubs can also benefit from STEM Ambassadors and other volunteers.

Chapter 5. Funding

How to go about the important issue of funding, how to run a club with next to nothing, and the possible sources of finance.

Chapter 6. Tips for success

Positive approaches to running clubs, and in general tips for running a successful STEM Club.